Hurford Roasted Peat Greenwich

Hurford Roasted Peat Greenwich, SYDNEY NSW

Hurford Roasted is a high temperature thermally modified hardwood that uses a custom designed heating program to alter the woods molecular structure. This has many benefits that include locking in the colour, increasing the durability and limiting movement to a fraction of normal kiln dried flooring. On this project, 128 x 14 mm Prestige Grade Peat was chosen and installed ‘secret nail’ in strict accordance with the manufacturers ‘Fourteen’ installation instructions. In addition to the floor we installed Roasted Peat to stair several treads and risers of various configurations, but most uniquely, a flight of open faced stair treads. 

Synteko Classic 50 was applied and has been regularly maintained with Synteko New Shine,  a waterborne maintenance product which both renews the shine and protects finished wood floors. The below photos were taken in 2018, 6 months post installation after its first Power Scrubbing & Shining.