Installation Timber Flooring Over Battens

Installation timber flooring over battens; fixing solid timber flooring onto battens installed over a concrete slab is an option where there is sufficient ceiling height. This method gives the floor a softer feel than when installation is direct onto concrete or ply. It also produces a floor that when walked on gives a sound similar to that of a timber floor laid onto joists.

The battens will require mechanical fixings such as spikes or masonry anchors and it is recommended that plastic sheeting be laid or a moisture vapour barrier be applied to the concrete slab.

For installation timber flooring over battens the flooring product is laid using adhesive and nailed (either top nailed or secret nailed depending on the product width) directly into the battens. Batten size and spacing will depend on the product being used. Expansion allowance is required around the perimeter of the floor and with wider floors (usually exceeding 6 metres), intermediate expansion allowance is also required.

Project in focus – Middle Cove August 2010, Installation timber flooring over battens